Access to Halloween Extreme Horror Experience area is not allowed for under 16 years old and it requires an additional dedicated ticket.

For 16 to 18 years old visitors, with additional ticket’s purchase, it’s possible to visit the area and its scenic routes.

Access to the three “terror containers” – named L’Alfabeto degli Spiriti, Area Contaminazione and The Experiments – and “hooded path”, including the chance to interact more (both verbally and physically) with players in the area, is reserved to over 18 years old who have purchased supplementary ticket and signed consent form, wearing the identification bracelet, before entering.

Purchase of additional access ticket and consent form’s signing do not guarantee access to the above-mentioned experiences. Buying supplementary access title, the visitor agrees to the entire area regulation, hereby explicited. 

Halloween Extreme Horror Experience’s ticket is not refundable once used, nor in case of partial or missed use. It is not changeable.

On October 31st, the area opens at 9pm and it closes at 1am. On November 1st and 2nd, the area opens at 8:30pm and it closes at 11pm.


Adult customer, who signed the appropriate consent form, declares and/or accepts:
• to be in good health condition (physical and mental);
• to be willing to have an interaction with players of the area, subjecting himself to tests and experiences that he/she will be submitted by present actors;
• not to react or use violence against Mirabilandia’s actors in the area, with whom there will be an interaction within the area and related routes;
• to be willing that his clothes and garments can be soaked, get dirty or stained, by special effects in the area.


The customer who access Halloween Extreme Horror Experience area assumes all the risks caused by his/her behaviour, dismissing Mirabilandia and its staff from any responsibilities for damages to persons and/or things.
Mirabilandia and its staff are not responsible for any lost items in the area, as well as for any theft and/or damage to objects and garments.

If, within the area and/or within the scenic routes, the customer does not feel comfortable, feeling too scared, or, for any other reason he/she does not intend to continue, he/she can contact the actors and staff in the area to be carried to the nearest exit.

Within Halloween Extreme Horror Experience area:

• it is not allowed to enter disguised, dressed up in scenic clothes or wearing masks;
• it is not allowed smoking or using open fire (for example lighters);
• it is not allowed to enter with animals;
• it is not allowed to enter with item that could provoke any risk (for example sharp and cutting objects, or weapons of any kind);
• it is forbidden to run or push other visitors;
• it is forbidden to touch, bother or jeopardize players and actors, or any other person within the area;
• do not behave in any way that could cause danger to yourself or to other people;
• flash lights, lasers or any other lightings not used by staff are not allowed.

Violation of these rules will result in immediate leaving from the area.

Access to “Halloween Extreme Horror Experience” area is forbidden:
• to children under 16 years old;
• to pregnant women;
• to people with heart diseases;
• to people with breathing diseases, asthma, or in a debilitant physical condition;
• to people suffering from epilepsy or any psychological disorder;
• to people suffering from claustrophobia, panic attacks, anxiety disorders and specific phobias;
• to disabled people with physical or mental disabilities who don’t allow the application of Security measures in case of evacuation and exodus from the scenic routes or from the area itself.